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2007 January



new shoes & dinner

new shoes

ok, so getting a pair of shoes is a major deal for me these days. i mean, who really wants to spend like $100 on shoes anyway? i had this pair of black montrails for a long, long time… maybe like 4 years?? anyway, pretty good shoes but the back part where your heel goes wore out after like a year. “wore out” means it got a big hole… slowly it became a pot hole, then all the stuffing was hanging out, then it fell out, then i had these shoes that kinda hurt. ok, so i know most of you out there are thinking, “yo dude get a new pair of shoes”. but as i read more and more i can’t help feel bad about a few things… first off, paying $100 bucks seems harder and harder, not to mention that i’m expecting the thing to fall apart (by design i wonder???) in about a year. second is the way the shoes are made. i mean i’ve seen way too many videos now about factories in some far off country with little kids making like two cents per hour and people not being able to pee and other really messed up stuff… which makes the $100 price tag seem even more hard to swallow. i know business is about profit, but ummm… not sure if i can go along with those ethics any longer. third would be the materials they use to make these things. what’s it doing to me, is it going to last 1000 years and choke a sea lion when i’m done wearing it?

ugh… so many things to consider. i have a heavy conscience about this stuff, not to mention not being able to afford it. so now you know why i haven’t bought a pair in four years… but, i finally broke down, meaning nancy did a bunch of research and ordered some for me online… 🙂 i got a pair of trail running shoes because i like to run, hike, go through water, etc… seems like good all purpose outdoor sports shoes for me. this company makes it’s shoes in china, but here is what they have to say on their website:

inov-8 shoes website ethics page

at least they have a page like this. most companies don’t. it’s still hard to make buying decisions based on more than look and style. but if more people out there demand information on working conditions, recycling, etc., you bet things will change in a hurry. it’s up to you!

david in new shoes

so here is a picture of me sporting my new shoes. notice my perfect posture and savvy style… grrr… rare and wonderful, huh? so this is where the dinner part ties in. i’m also coming out of one of my favorite pacific grove restaurants, takara sushi. i rarely eat sushi there being that i’m a vegetarian who only occasionally eat fish. but they make the best udon in town i think, and for some reason they’re about the only place in town that makes it! monterey is a tough place to find good asian style noodles. but takara makes a vege style udon meal that is pretty darn good.

takara sushi

threw this picture in because all the little eating places in pacific grove are like cottages. you kinda feel like you are trapped in this lala doll land or something. sometimes it seems too perfect, i’m always waiting for somebody to start pointing at me and screeching like invasion of the body snatchers or something. hahaha.



jogging continued

nancy jogging

so we made it out this afternoon to jog instead of last night. around 3 or 4 yesterday it started pouring rain so we had to cancel. it was a nice warm day today and perfect for jogging so we had a good run. i snapped a few pics along the way. you can see the hotel where we start off on the far left. notice the nice imprints from all the shoes and feet. this is the perfect sand type to run on. it feels sooo nice… 🙂 it feels so good as your foot lands with each stride, it’s actually hard to describe the weird satisfaction you get. or maybe it’s just me that gets that satisfaction? haha.

sand dragon

we found this cool sand dragon sculpture in the sand on our way back. i had to stop and grab a pic or two. the scary part is that nancy completely missed seeing it… a twenty five foot long sand sculpture… humm… i need to make her wear her glasses more often. hahaha!

david after jogging

a pic nancy took of me after jogging. really, i feel better than i look…





thought it would be fun to put up a few pics of where i work. the pic above is the hard hat diver that greets you as you walk into the store. i always liked the feel of this old cannery building.

backscatter workspace

this is my home away from home. the good old “office” at backscatter. here is where all the web madness unfolds. you can see the product booth on the right. this is where all the products for the site are photographed by jason bradley.




monterey state beach

so here it is. this is where it all goes down. nancy and i have been trying to jog at least three times a week, and somehow it seems we’re pulling it off. i shot this today at lunch and we’re supposed to be heading out there tonight after work. where i shot this image from is actually the half-way point of the run where we turn around. if you look at the top left of the picture (right above that black barge thing), way off in the distance you can see a little tan hotel, that’s where we start and end. not sure how far the jog is, but it’s enough to make me sore… haha. thinking about trying to snap some pics of the run, so if i do i’ll post some more images on this topic tomorrow.




hard at work 1

this is me and most of my co-workers hard at work. enough said…

hard at work 2hard at work 3hard at work 4hard at work 5hard at work 6hard at work 7hard at work 8hard at work 9hard at work 10hard at work 11




workspace january 2007

i thought it would be fun to document my workspace for the beginning of the year. kinda the “his and her” workstation setup. we have been pretty darn productive with this setup for the last year or two. i have to brag about the little funky lamp in the middle, i made it. :-p the base is stone found at the beach and the curly-q stem was made from copper. i did buy the lamp shade though. i tried bending wire to make my own, that met with very limited success. so i broke down and bought a lamp shade.



on the air

david & nancy

well, this is my first blog entry! can you believe it? i’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time now and finally got off my butt and did something about it. Nancy and I will be posting all kinds of (useless?) information here in the coming years, so enjoy!