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2007 February



joshua tree

moving truck at joshua tree national park

so we made it to joshua tree, at about 2am… i had the last leg and it killed me… since it was dark finding a camping spot was a bit challenging, but we managed. the wind was really whipping and we slept in the back of the moving truck on our futon. the wind was rocking the truck back and forth so hard i thought i was back on a dive boat again! haha.

i climbed up a pile of rocks nearby our site and snapped the shot above. we’re in a section of the park called jumbo rocks, and i really, really love this place. it’s really magical… some special energy manifests in this place. even if you aren’t spiritual you must feel something from a place like this. anyway, the picture below is off to the right of the pic above.

joshua tree california

i woke up and started immediately exploring with the camera. it was cold as hell though and the wind wasn’t like the night before, but was still able to almost knock you down… haha. so i had a hat and gloves on which was hard to shoot with, but i managed. i will be posting some pics from the joshua tree stop in the gallery soon. ok, more to come soon.

david at jumbo rocksnancy at jumbo rocksnancy at cottonwood springsdavid at cottonwood springs



leaving monterey

leaving monterey

above is a picture of nancy driving our 16 foot moving truck towing the trusty old neon behind. we were just outside of Salinas after leaving Monterey. I drove the first hour but we thought it was better that nancy drove while there was some light left. so she has the first leg and I will take up the slack later on.

it feels good to get started on a new trip. we are both exhausted from cleaning and packing every night endlessly, but there is excitement underneath somewhere. last night I woke up hearing what I thought was heavy rain, but it sounded too strong for that. I looked outside and it was hailing! probably the worst ever during my 4+ years in Monterey. was this a sign for the start of our trip? we both hoped this would work itself out by the morning but I was prepared to pack in a downpour. I woke up at 6am and it was still gloomy and grey outside and raining steadily. ugh, I thought we were had. to my surprise when the alarm went off at 7am the rain was starting to clear and I could see bright blue skies and sun. by the time we picked up the track and started the loading train, it was sunny and about 70 degrees! wow were we ever lucky. right as we were locking the door to our apartment for the last time, the rain was just starting to fall again.

ok, time for some rest before my leg of the drive tonight. tomorrow we will be waking up in Joshua tree national park. I can’t wait to take some pictures. I only hope I can wake up after this rough week.



the last supper

david with owner june at baan thai

so we’ve been packing all day… i’m wiped out and we’re still not finished and we leave tomorrow. we’re going to be packing up until the last minute! so we went to baan thai a few nights ago and the owner june told us to come back tonight. she promised to make salad rolls, one of our favorites. so we showed up and had the rolls and a couple of our other favorite dishes. at the end of the meal we were told dinner was on the house! what a nice surprise, june is a sweetheart!!! 🙂 we snapped the pic above and said our goodbyes. nancy and i are going to miss this restaurant, our favorite in monterey…

back to the packing and cleaning madness… tomorrow we ride.



Last Look

724 Casanova Ave Monterey CA

so we leave tomorrow… packing is happening i think… i’m kinda in a daze so this will be short. 🙂 i thought it would be cool to post a final arial view of my apartment here in monterey. i’m pretty hooked on this google maps thing… hahaha… anyway, i will be in joshua tree tomorrow night and hope to post again in 2-4 days.




leaving monterey

it’s been a while since my last entry. well, we’re moving back to the east coast. we’ll be leaving monterey on february 27. i hope to post entries along the way back as we’re crash testing a system of documenting our travels and posting, daily if possible. i’ve been trying to plan it so some stops have wi-fi access along the way. we’ll see how well it works and how motivated i am to post.



memory collaborative installation notes


-different size images, b&w, color, collage, natural objects, writing, video all juxtaposed on wall
-this project can be as collaborative or as singular as you like

1 images:

-nudes in water, b&w medium size, two images
-color images of flowers, small size to extra small, like 2″x2″ or something along those lines
-macro color image large
-other images that may mix well
-could mix your memories with other artist collaborators. ex: have different artist contribute different medias showing things from their memories. very open organic collaboration -> towards random connection chaos theory or stream of consciousness.. cg jung underground collective feel

2 video:

-video of some of the same objects on the wall, poem/spoken word over video.
-music from other artist.
-sound samples of some of same images on wall ex: sea lion sounds
-underwater video ex: use other artist collaborator for footage
-use projectors? project three different videos, line them up on wall each above the other, but very small in size ex: 3-6″ image size
-have one projector project from above or however it won’t blind viewer in any way, don’t want to obstruct viewing of the installation. this projects a very large image back on the viewers or on the floor ex: ocean waves projected on the floor
-need time-lapse of image objects. ex: flowers growing/dying

3 audio:

-must be dolby 5.1 surround if at all possible. ex: collaborative artist edits audio together for project. you can vary degree of their involvement. ex1: they only use materials you provide as source material. ex2: you provide source and they also put in whatever they like as source, or various combinations and such.
-phil thornton – tibetan meditation -> track 1 meditation

3 object:

-gather things that are in images ex: rocks on beach
-have them in a jar displayed on pedestole or hanging off wall
-use string or rope to hang objects from walls ex: fine strings with many pieces of paper with writing on them in different languages ex: have other artists contribute international for words and have them write on each piece themselves and send it to us for installation
-paper drawings/writings installed on wall. must be creative with presentation, give more attention, thought to this -> think robert frank on this (need to research his images)
-read pablo neruda biography ::: wikipedia ::: a few poems
& ee cummings ee cummings
& seamus heaney seamus heaney link


-think of this project as a whole experience for the viewer. think outside just the surface of the wall and the display of the objects on the wall. sit omnipotent above the gallery and envision the viewers stand in the space looking at the walls.
-create a parallel web experience for entire installation. ex: use different web developers, web designers to contribute and create (flash, audio, video, etc)
flash- ex: take sequence of photos such as bird flying and then animate that action into a flash clip… could start out still image for so long then execute to semi-moving and then freeze on specific moment in time. could start doing morph type slide shows with flash sequences… **next level is to make flash assest variables** ***next next level is to start to develop admin to control what objects load ex: multiple flash shows, you choose which ***



hiking east molera trail – andrew molera state park

nancy & roman on east molera trail
andrew molera state parkeast molera trail detail

nancy and i hiked east molera trail today in andrew molera state park. the main bulk of the park runs from highway 1 west towards the ocean, and it’s really beautiful. however i think the east trail that starts on the mountain side of highway one is the best. it starts out in a wide open field and then climbs steeply up the hillside. at the top you reach a grove of redwood trees nestled together. if you look at the google map images above, the first is more an overview of the whole park, on the second you can actually see the trail from the image winding up the mountain. the group of redwoods i’m talking about is dirctly below where it says andrew molera state park. from there the trail skims the ridge line and continues to climb and climb. and the views get better and better as you go. looking east you can see pico blanco looming with cloubs getting caught on its peak. we ran into roman along this hike, he used to work at the dive shop. small world isn’t it? he was kinda upset because right when he caught up to us we had just scared a group of five deer away. i didn’t have a long lens to capture them and they were standing in the path so i didn’t see any reason to sit and wait. oh well, sorry roman!

we hiked with roman for a while and i had to stop every five seconds to take pictures. i played hell keeping up having to jog double time to always catch up. this just about killed me. roman also hiked about double our speed and just about killed nancy and i both. hahaha. we had to part ways before we hit the peak as we had an appointment and had to start our descent. i wish we would have had time to make it to the top!

this trail is also one of my absolute favorites. once you pass the little grove of redwoods it just feels more and more magical. you get that sense of seeing the curve of the world and the barren grass fields mixed with patches of trees and mountains like pico blanco in the background make it spectacular. get yourself out on this trail if you make it to big sur. in the end we did somewhere around 8+ miles and 2000+ feet of elevation. it kicked my butt of course… 🙂 but i trimmed down my camera bag this time so i didn’t die. i also was smart and wore my hiking boots.



where is waldo?

david is a dork

jim decker snapped this pic of me today “working”. many would ask why i would post such a picture of myself, i’m still thinking about it as well. i guess it’s hard to hide your true nature from the cruel, unforgiving eye of the camera? thanks for that jim, i owe you one…



hiking the ventana wilderness – pine ridge trail

nancy on the pine ridge trailclick to view tassajara road map

on sunday nancy and i went hiking in big sur. we took the car down the hell road again, tassajara road. click on the little map above to see where we were. the little green arrow on the bottom right marks our approximate location. it’s a beautiful drive, but treacherous. i think it helped to destroy one of my front struts in the car. so a truck or something along those lines is certainly recommended. at the end of this remote road is a zen buddhist center. the end of another hike we did takes you through the center. it seems like a really cool place to go and study.

view along the ridgebefore night fallsview from under the pines

i think this area is one of my favorite areas. not sure i can explain exactly why. maybe it’s just my emotions at the moment, or because it’s fresh in my mind, but there is something about the way things feel there. somehow the earth vibrates there, the landscape is raw and unashamed. it’s unforgiving and comforting at the same time.

the hike was 7.2 miles traversing 1200 feet of elevation. we left a little late in the day so we had to hike fast, sometimes jogging a bit so we could make it out before nightfall. it took us 3 1/2 hours round trip. this hike kicked my butt. i think it would have been fine except for the giant lead weight camera bag on my back. but if i didn’t take it, you couldn’t see any of these photos, so i guess it’s worth it. i keep telling myself that anyway. at the turning point we sat and quickly scarfed an apple before heading back. it’s strange how much better food tastes after you exercise a bunch. the hike back up from where we turned was what really got me. the sun was going down but right on our backs and hot. the camera bag really started to hurt me… hahaha. after we reached the top of the ridge i started feeling better. the last 1/2 mile or so, we ended up doing a jog for the finish line to beat nightfall. when we started to descend the shade side of the mountain i think the temperature must have dropped at least 20 degrees in like 5 minutes. we made it back to the car right at dusk.



artspan – contemporary art

i found this site tonight browsing around online: artspan contemporary art I only looked at a few things but it seems like they have some cool content.