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2007 October



At the gates of sleep…

So here I am at the gates of sleep writing a blog entry. Things are busy as usual. Most of my programming is done (for now at least!). I updated the site with a lot of archived art, I only have one more art book and some photos to process. I finished my resume for teaching in Korea tonight. Tomorrow the recruiter mambo starts.

Before I forget, here are some animated GIF’s I found. I know you are probably bored with this game, but oh well.

hahaha spinning metal thing power push! roll

So I managed to shoot some fall leaves finally. You can see them in a new gallery on the main gallery page. We took at trip to upstate New York with Nancy’s parents and I photographed there. We went to this nature preserve and hiked four miles, I think. The preserve is the highest place in New York I think. It was a nice view from the overlook where I snapped some shots. I saw a report on the news about how the leaves aren’t changing right this year due to global warming. They were talking about the Smoky Mountains I think. Most of them are just turning brown on the tree and then falling off. I have to say I noticed this as well. I remember when the fall used to be full of so much color. I hope those days aren’t over for good. We also went to this Buddhist temple that was near the preserve. It was a Korean temple that was still being built. There was a big festival going on that day and we got there a bit late so just had time to drink some tea. Most people had already left or were in the process of leaving. We hiked up to the temple and went inside. Nancy’s dad and another woman we were with showed us the proper way to bow and give respect and to make an offering. I haven’t had time to process those images yet. Stay tuned.

Nancy and I have managed to keep running just about every day. We went today as well. I have to say the the three miles doesn’t hurt much anymore. It’s a nice feeling. The air is starting to get windy and cold at times. I can feel the winter coming. It’s the first time I’ve felt that in many years. It makes me want to run back to California ASAP!!! But it’s fun too. It will be nice to see snow, if we’re around long enough. But even if we are in Korea we’ll see snow there too. I guess that will just be another excuse to photograph as I don’t have many snow pictures. 🙂

So the vague plan so far is this: Do our one year tour in Korea and save some money. Depart from Korea and head to Bhutan. Head from Bhutan and go to Nepal. We’re thinking of doing this volunteer teaching at a Buddhist temple there where you get room and board for 3-6 months in exchange for teaching the monks English a few hours per day. They would also teach your martial arts and meditation skills in exchange along with some other stuff. After that try and make it up to Everest base camp… I’m going to research going higher because I know I’ll have the urge if I make it to base camp. I’m hoping the running and things I’m doing now help out. I’ve also been researching jobs and different positions in Antarctica. If I can get a NSF grant to photograph there that would be awesome. If not there are regular tech jobs or we might be able to go as research scuba divers. I know a guy from when I used to work at Backscatter that did that. Sounds like a blast. And I could get really cool pictures! Anyway, that’s the kind of things floating around in my head right now, we’ll see how much they change of the next year or two.

OK, it’s late and time for bed! Hope everyone is safe and well! Besos



I almost forgot!

spinning gifbug

Here are a few more useless animated gif’s I found crawling around websites. Enjoy!



Busy Times

It’s been a long time again since I posted. I’ve been busy with many things. I’ve spent a lot of time now reworking this website. I added too many things to mention. Nancy and I just finished redesigning the entire back-end administration area of the site. It’s so much more functional now! It still has a long way to go, but I’m planning on releasing this gallery software as some kind of open source project. I’m not sure when yet, but as soon as I can fix some more admin flaws, I am going to release the software publicly. So I’m looking for developers and admin types to help me get this project going. If you know anyone, pass the word.

I’ve managed to process and get a lot of artwork on the site as well. I just added another artist book today. That makes four new books in the last week or so. I’m finishing one more now and that will make seven total on the site. My parents visited a while back and brought a box of artist books I had stored at their place. Thanks for remembering dad! 🙂 Some of the books are a bit dark, don’t get too frightened. I logged my dreams (and nightmares) for a period of years. Some of the images in those books came from recurrent nightmares that I would have. If you are a psychologist, let me know if I should be committed! hahaha. I’ve been working a lot of the video section as well. I added some new videos as well. I’m having a lot of problems with the programming on that page however. Integrating DivX, Quicktime and Flash has been problematic. I have a love/hate relationship with javascript. I do have to say I think it’s a wonderful language, but I’m frustrated because of my limited knowledge. I’ve learned a whole lot but I wish there were better resources out there for handling media files via javascript as well as DOM issues. Which makes me start to think about this whole browser mess, and how frustrating it is to have to test on like 10 browsers on each platform, so like 20… and none of them work the same way twice! UGH! When will standardization kick in??? I know competition is good and all that, but jeez… It may make a lot of programmers out there go bonkers!

We’ve helped Nancy’s parents out settling quite a few things and now I think we’re actually going to buckle down on the job search. I’m having trouble pulling myself away from programming though. It’s very rare to be able to have so many continuous hours to devote to programming! I doubt this moment will come again. So I’ve really taken advantage of it! But alas, we really must be on our way it seems. I’m really going to focus on trying to find an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) job. That way I can teach computer related English, and hopefully get paid more as well!

The changing season has been a wonderful experience. Fall time is my favorite, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to experience it in probably seven years or more. The air is starting to get more crisp and there is a feeling in the air. The light is changing and so are the leaves. I really am savoring this time! I’m planning on trying to take some photos over the next weekend or two. I don’t have any pictures of fall, and I really want some. Hopefully I will have some images to show within the next week or two.

I have been jogging with Nancy about 4-5 times per week. We’ve been going for 3 miles each day for two days, and then taking one day off to recover. My left knee has been giving me major hell though. The feeling of a knife under your kneecap should be a good enough mental image. It’s really my own fault though. I never stretch! Well, almost never… And when I do, I never have pain and feel much better in general… hahaha… My goal is to start doing more yoga. Tomorrow I’m finally going to try out this yoga video. It’s my “off” day from running, and my knee is killing me, so hopefully I’ll be on the mend with some stretching for the next days run. We’ll see!

On that note, it’s off to bed… Once before 2-3am this week, yay! hahahah… Hope all of you are safe and well out in lala land… besos…