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2008 February



Monday morning update

It’s Monday morning. I’m having coffee and a coconut pastry, that means I’m happy. It seems the Paris Baguette “bange cheap” is the best place in the city for coffee so far… I still have to try a few other places. Most coffee shops serve the watered down, weak, weak, WEAK variety. This place serves up a low-medium viscosity and it’s organic. I think this might be the best I can do aside from having it shipped.

Teaching is good fun, the kids are lively and exciting. They can also be a pain in the neck as well. I’m still getting used to the flow and my approach for teaching changes daily, but I’m settling in a bit. Today will mark the beginning of my third week teaching. Nancy is still looking at the moment.

We travelled up to the northern city, “Coo Jeju” this weekend to meet with her cousin. It was fun and interesting. We also took a driving tour of the east and west sides of the island with our new friend Robert. We visited a traditional korean village in the east and a beach on the west side. It was so cold and windy this weekend!!! I think California weather has thinned my blood or something.

Anyway, I’m going to post a bunch of pictures now… I don’t have much time to write because we’re still settling in and there are a million things to do. It seems we just keep looking around and having fun lately instead of getting things done, like figuring out how to use the washing machine and cleaning the apartment a bit.

So here goes the barrage of pictures… They are pretty random at this point and deserve explanation, but that will have to wait… If I have time I’ll try and add some quick captions… Here goes…

FreyaThis is Freya, one of my students. Cute as a button.
Wallace This is Wallace. I think his expression says a lot about him…
Ellen This is Ellen. She’s in Freya’s class. This is a great class. They are all cute, excited to be there and somewhat obedient… Which is probably the best you can hope for.
Juan and Rachel
Ellen, Freya and Sallyl
Vetro CafeVetro Cafe in downtown Seogwipo. This place is ok, but very weak coffee for my standards. I didn’t try the espresso however. It’s small and fashionable, but lacks the deep flavors my bitter heart craves.
Street Food There are street vendors like this all over the city. They sell waffle type treats and this one that looks like a fish and has “paet” inside. “Paet” is a bean paste that is sweetened… Very yummy! Some other places like this one sell “odeng” which is a kind of processed fish cake on a stick. That’s the stuff on the sticks in the hot broth. They also sell a lot of fried goodies with a kind of batter on the outside.
Roasted ChestnutsRoasted chestnuts on a cold night are very yummy while walking around the city!

I have many more to post but I’m having connection problems at this cafe!!! They will have to wait until later… 🙁 More soon…



Trip to Seogwipo

I don’t have much time for writing now, here’s the skinny:

We left for Korea on February 8th and arrived at night on February 9th, my birthday!
We got a quick tour of the island on Sunday.
I started work on Monday, yesterday… Overwhelming!

Today I managed to process some images from the trip and our first day here. I didn’t have time for photos yesterday at school but I’m going to take a camera along today. I’ll write more detailed notes if I have the time! Everything is going well, stay tuned for more!

Korean airline we took to Seogwipo
view on the plane
view from my seat
nancy and i about 6-7 hours into the 14 hour flight
porridge house
open market
downtown seogwipo