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2008 March



Seogwipo Times

So I woke up early enough to come and write a blog entry. 🙂 Things are going well here in Seogwipo. This past Saturday I went scuba diving in the morning and then to a westerners party later that night. The scuba diving here is really very good. There are huge soft coral cities! Most were a purple color mixed with orange and reds. There were also these more majestic looking feathery white corals as well. The first dive was a relatively shallow dive where we skimmed through corals in rock fields. There were some great walls that would be twenty or thirty feet high around us. I saw a very large lion fish at the base of a rock wall on that dive.

I hate to do this but here are some pictures I skimmed off the local dive shop site that we used to go diving, I wanted you to get an idea of the things I saw. I’m just sad I didn’t have a camera!

soft coral Soft Coral
Lion Fish Lion Fish
Box Fish Box Fish

The second dive was even better. We dove off the southern face of the island. It was a wall dive and it was spectacular! We dropped down to around 33 meters (100 feetish) and the bottom looked to be around 130-150 feet in places. The corals were very big and hung off the rock wall out into the ocean. This is where I saw the most of the white feathery corals. I saw a bunch of box fish, another lion fish and these Nemo type fish. They were black with orange stripes if I’m remembering right. I also saw these little crayfish looking guys that lived on the top of sea anemones. They were translucent and very tiny. I’m sure all the divers out there are like, duh they were “such and such”… I can’t remember their names. I’m bad with fishy identification! Anyway, the dive was superb and I can’t wait to go again.

Teaching the munchkins has been great. March is the start of a new school year here and some of my classes have changed. I think one that had my favorite student has changed but I’m not sure yet. I’ll be sad if this is true.

Anyway, I wanted to post some photos that I didn’t get a chance to post last time. Here they are:

Melissa and Olivia Melissa and Olivia
Julie Julie
Hellions Hellions!
Ally Ally
Nancy Nancy. It’s funny, Nancy Kam and I were talking about how people with the same names share similar personalities in some aspect. This girl is no exception. She never pays attention to anything in class and just draws the entire time.
Nancy, Ally, Megan and Andy Nancy, Ally, Megan and Andy
Nancy’s cousin and wife in Jeju City Nancy and I went to Jeju City to visit her cousin. They took us to a restaurant that overlooked the ocean and we had “hway”. It basically means things that live in the ocean, all served raw. I ate many of the things I look at while diving. I had raw hermit crab, clams, oasters, fish in many varieties, sea cucumber, and many others. It comes in courses, I think about 4 or 5 in all. The items in this picture were only the first course!
Halmony at the everyday market Grandmother at the everyday market selling vegetables
Nancy’s cousin’s family Nancy’s cousin’s family