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2008 April



sunrise peak

Nancy’s brother came to visit us for the weekend from Seoul. We went to Jungmoon on Saturday. I was still a bit sick and didn’t take my camera along. On Sunday I was feeling better and we traveled over to the Eastern side of the island to visit a place called sunrise peak. It’s right on the coast and you can see the island called Udo in the distance. We had planned to go over to Udo but ran out of time. Probably because I took so much time snapping photos. I wanted to post a couple of shots from the day, so enjoy.

view from midway up sunrise peakI shot this on our descent from the peak.
flowers and the mountainThe beach and ocean below is where the women free divers of Jeju-do work.
woman free diver of jeju-doa woman free diver agreed to let me photograph her before going out to the sea. Keep in mind most of these woman are 60 years or older now.



Cool Video

Check out this video I found on Yahoo Korea. This guy is pretty nuts but I must admit I would have to try the same thing if given the chance. This is Caminito Del Rey in El Chorro, Spain.




It’s been a while since I’ve spent time updating the blog. So here it is, the download. I’m going to post a bunch of random pictures from the last few months. I caught a cold from a student last week, so this weekend not much got done. We have Wednesday off this week because it’s election day so I’m hoping to get outside and take some photos and hopefully get some more work done on my site and the blog. My thoughts are so scattered at the moment… Moving, getting used to teaching, not speaking Korean, not studying Korean enough, buying fry pans for the house, soooo many things floating in my head. Once I kick this cold and get my head in order I plan to write something more cohesive here. Stay tuned… Until then, enjoy the pictures!

shadow playSong, Nancy, Shankey and I having fun sometime last year. I always wanted to put this up just didn’t have the time.
me at the tea houseMe at this super cool tea house we found here in Seogwipo. You can tell this picture was taken my first couple weeks of teaching by how exhausted I look.
Folk VillageThis was taken in a traditional village somewhere between Seogwipo City and the eastern side of the island. The whole town is surrounded by a giant twenty foot high, ten foot thick stone wall.
View of village from on top of the wallA view of the village from on top of the giant wall that surrounds the city.
Tol-HarubangTol-Harubang or “Stone Grandfathers” are mysterious statues around Jeju of unknown descent. Their official name is Beoksumeori. There are many interpretations as to their meaning and significance, but they are generally considered to offer both protection and fertility.
OliviaFinally, a portrait of Olivia I found from a couple of days ago.



Rally Day

On Friday’s we have all the kids go into the lunchroom area and we do chants and songs. Picture me in front of a group of like 30-50 kindergarteners singing our school theme song set to the music from the Adam’s Family. You think I’m making this up right? Nope, the truth is stranger than fiction sometimes my friends. 🙂

Anyway, this rally was special because it was the end of teacher Nancy’s first week of classes. So the director introduced her to each of the rally classes. Oh, I forgot to mention it’s a new group of students each hour for four hours. So some of the pictures are from the rally and a few remaining pictures are students from a new speaking class I am teaching. Most of the students in the pictures I know by name now and I’m starting to get to know their personalities a bit. I’ll try to name them below if I can remember. Sometimes their names still slip away from me! Maybe I am a bad teacher! hahaha.

Teacher Nancy at her first rallyCathy, the school director is on the far right with Nancy beside her. She is introducing all the students formally to teacher Nancy.
rally classFrom front to back: Ruby, Evelyn (covering her mouth), Shelby, Jane and Eddie.
ChristinaThis is Christina. I don’t have her in classes anymore but see her at rally. She is just starting to develop her English skills but she’s always fun and has a great attitude.
Jennifer and BettyJennifer and Betty. Jennifer has some pretty pinchable cheeks but her sister Julie has cheeks that just beg to be pinched.
Lion and his prizeLion is also one of my students. He’s holding a prize he got for being a “Super Student”. It’s basically an award the students get if they get so many star stamps in their books. Lion can be frustrating, but he’s still a good kid, I think…
rally classFront to back: Ellie, Evelyn, Sally and Celina. Tim is on the back left. Most days I’d pretty much like to strangle him. Michael is on the back right. He can be loud, but he’s a pretty good student.
Cathy the directorCathy, the director of I Kids’ Park English school.
WinnieThis is Winnie. Her dream is to be a professional piano player, and from the looks of it, to win a Hapkido death match. 🙂 I love having her in class.
LouisThis is Louis. He is Teacher Amy’s son.



Oreum Hike

Last week we went hiking in the day before i had to go and teach at 2pm. We went to an oreum on the Western side of the island. An oreum is a parasitic volcano that spawns off from the main eruption. There are many here on Jeju-do. So Mt. Halla is the main volcano that formed the island, but these smaller oreums form mountains all over the island. The one that we visited has a Buddhist monastery. There is the main monastery at the base of the mountain and then a shrine way up in the side of the mountain in a cave. We hiked up and along the way I shot some pictures. I can’t wait to get a car so we can explore the island more on weekends.

oreumLooking towards the southwestern tip of the island from the oreum temple.
oreumThe Buddha sitting inside the cave in the oreum.
temple roofThe temple roof at the base of the oreum.