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2008 May



Yohkoh Solar Observatory

I found some great time lapse images of the sun. I’m sure this is boring stuff for most people but it really blows me away. It makes me realize how connected we all are to EVERYTHING. It also makes me question so many of the everyday “norms” that I accept. Now that I’m an educator of children I think a lot more about what is important for these kids to learn. Anyway, I found the images at the Yohkoh Solar Observatory. Check it out sometime.



Phoenix Mars Mission

Phoenix Lander
A picture of the Phoenix Lander.

Well, a new mars mission is underway at the moment. The Phoenix Lander is about to start digging for water. They are curious to study the water on Mars and look for life bearing building blocks. The lander is also a mini weather station and will be collecting weather data. You can find out more here: Phoenix Mars Mission



Microscopy Obsession

So I’ve had this little obsessive interest in microscopy for the last few years. I really want to start making photos/videos of my own. But the gear is really expensive. Yes, I must admit I’ve been researching microscope setups for the last few months. If you think photography is a nerdy interest, just wait until you start getting into microscope talk, ultra nerd fest!

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of looking at things from a micro and macro perspective. I think it would be very interesting to start combining wall installations with microscopic images/video and very macro images like ariel plane shots. That’s something else I’ve been researching. I’m trying to find a plane or helicopter charter here on Jeju-do. I’d really like to get in the air and shoot some photographs of the island or surrounding countries. I think I might have to go to the mainland to find a service though. If anyone out there knows of anyone on Jeju-do offering this type of service, let me know.



Rugged Coastline

Here is a quick video that was shot on the coast between the KAL Hotel and the Paradise Hotel here in Seogwipo. Nancy and I went swimming here about an hour earlier and froze our butts off!

Coastline in Seogwipo, Jeju Island



Afternoon Swim at Soesokkak Beach

Today we ventured out to Soesokkak beach for a swim. It was bright and sunny compared to the last two rainy days. We took a cab on our way to the beach. At Soesokkak beach there is a river that flows down from the mountain and meets the ocean. We hiked up along the river and explored the rocks looking for a good swimming hole. In the end we chose to dive in right where the water meets the ocean on the beach. The sand on the beach was a black sand so it was very hot on my feet. It took a while to get up the courage to jump in the cold water but once we did it was very refreshing. We swam there for a little while and then decided to just walk back home instead of calling a cab. We skimmed the ocean line on our way back and ended up eating in a restaurant right on the shore at the base of Jejigi Oreum. We sat outside and had a spicy fish stew. At the end of my dinner something caught my eye out in the ocean. It was a pod of nearly 100 dolphins jumping completely out of the water! They looked like they were having fun and I certainly was having fun watching them play. After dinner we hiked to the top of Jejigi Oreum and that’s where I snapped these two pics. This first one looks away south with Seopseom island in the background. We ate just to the left of where you can see in the picture near the craggy rocks. The second shot looks away to the east where we came from. It’s hard to see, but there is a crane and to the left of the crane is a long concrete breakwater wall that they are building for a new harbor and just left and above that you can see the river pouring into the ocean at Soesokkak. All the round tube shape buildings are greenhouses that mostly grow citrus fruits.

South view from Jejigi Oreum with Seopseom Island in the distance
South view from Jejigi Oreum with Seopseom Island in the distance.
Eastern view from Jejigi Oreum with Soesokkak in the distance
Eastern view from Jejigi Oreum with Soesokkak in the distance.

Nancy at Soesokkak black sand beach.



Another Day at the Office

So I don’t work in corporate America anymore, and I don’t have angry bosses yelling at me. But I do have to deal with this. 🙂



Diving Little Munseom

I went diving this Sunday at Little Munseom island, just off the southern coast of Seogwipo. It was a good dive but a little murky. I took along a little point and shoot and tested the video function for the first time. Enjoy.



KAL Hotel Lunch

Our school directors took us to lunch at the KAL Hotel today. The lunch was fun and afterwards we walked through some paths in the gardens, visited a green house, and then made our way down to the beach. The weather was fantastic, warm bright sun and a cool breeze coming in off the ocean. The volcanic rock at the shore was very interesting. It formed many different tide pools and two very large pools that are perfect for swimming. We plan on going back soon to swim in the pools and also to freedive in wetsuits outside of the pools. I don’t have time to write much again if I want to get the pictures up… So here it goes…

KAL Hotel
Lunch with our directors and staff at the KAL hotel.
coast line
A view down the coastline.
Rock Formation
A shot of some of the volcanic rock formations.
The KAL hotel
A view of the KAL hotel from the coast line.
tide pool
A tide pool along the shore line.



Melissa, Olivia & Jerry

I’ve taken my video camera a couple of times now to school. I’m trying to get some clips edited and posted but it takes some time. I just clipped this one quickly and wanted to post it. This is Olivia, Melissa and Jerry. These are some of my favorite students. They are very cute, respectful, listen well and really try in class. They’ve been coming to school early and just hanging out in my room before classes start. That’s what they are doing in the video.