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2008 June



MUTO a tag art animation by blu

So I got a message from Erica Cho the other day and decided I should go an check out her site. I found this really cool tag art animation she posted. I just had to repost it on mine. I don’t mean to be a copy cat, but hey, if it’s good, it’s good, ya know? Thanks for finding this wherever you did Erica! If you want to check out Erica’s site, go here



The Rainy Season

stink bug
A stink bug seeking higher ground from the rain.

So the rainy season has started here on Jeju-do. This means it will rain for a month or two straight from what I gather. It’s already been nine days of rain in a row so far. The whole island is covered in a thick fog. Everything starts to look dreamlike, fading in and out of existence as you move by. So far I rather like it, but I’ll get back with you in a couple more weeks and see if the novelty has worn off.

I spotted the bug above yesterday morning. He climbed up on top of Nancy’s bike that is covered with a white tarp. I think he was heading for higher ground until the rain slowed. So I jumped up and went out to shoot. I used a flash with a diffuser. This is a stink bug, or also called a shield bug.