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2008 October



Lightbox 2 and problem solutions

I’ve been making some code changes to this site over the past week or so. The main change I’ve made is to the gallery when you click an image to see it larger. I’ve implemented the Lightbox 2 script. It’s really quite a nice script. I did have some issues with the base code and have been digging around making tweaks here and there. I thought I’d share some of the changes I made so that others out there having the same issues might find solutions.

Problem #1: Lightbox 2 doesn’t automatically resize/scale images larger than the browser window to fit into the constraints of the browser window. This was a big problem for me seeing that I use 1000px images for my large views. I like to accommodate those lucky users of on gigantic monitors. So I dug around on the internet and found a javascript programmer that came up with a solution. Fabian Lange integrated the javascript to make the resizing automatic. You can find the source code for the css and js files on his site.

Problem #2: Fabien’s script tweaked the code so the background overlay that shadows the main page only extends to the bottom of the visible webpage. That was a problem for me. Here is how you tweak the code so background overlay shadow will again extend down to the bottom of a page even if it scrolls:

In the lightbox.js file (from Fabien’s site) change the following lines:

Line 219:
$('overlay').setStyle({height: arrayPageSize[3] + 'px' });
should read
$('overlay').setStyle({height: arrayPageSize[1] + 'px' });

Line 306:
this.overlay.setStyle({ height: arrayPageSize[3] + 'px' });
should read
this.overlay.setStyle({ height: arrayPageSize[1] + 'px' });

So far that’s the only tweaks I’ve had to make and I think it’s a big improvement for the site.

I’ve also added another similar script to the blog. When you click on images in the blog they now zoom out of the page in the same fashion as cover flow on a mac. I used a script by Cabel Maxfield Sasser called FancyZoom 1.1. I like this script because it’s REALLY EASY to implement. It combs over the page and automatically links images which is great. The only problem is that I’d like the background overlay to darken like Lightbox 2 does. I’m looking at implementing the Lightbox 2 script but there are problems. The wordpress plugin for the Lightbox 2 script will automatically tag images for the zoom function, but it doesn’t have the automatic resizing integrated like the script I first mentioned above. I’m having problems finding a 3rd party hack out there for that. If anyone knows, drop me a line.

I’m also working on implementing the lightbox feature for the slideshow function. I found a programmer that has tweaked the lightbox code for slideshows, but not slideshows that automatically resize/scale images. If anyone knows where that code can be found drop me a line.

So the short of this is, new changes have been made and more new changes are on the way. I hope this helps some others out there that are having similar problems.



photography via bicycle

riding around seogwipo on a bicycle
Riding around Seogwipo on my bicycle taking pictures.

I’ve been riding around Seogwipo the last few weeks with my camera taking photographs. I’ve been taking macro images of oxidized paint for a new series. This was a little self portrait I shot along the way.



Vaccine Nation

Vaccine Nation I contemplated getting vaccinations before coming to Korea. Some people said you must get some, others said they have travelled here before and you didn’t need to get any. I decided not to, probably a big part of it being I didn’t have health insurance at the time and no doctors in the states really wanted to deal with a one time, no insurance patient.

So I’m planning some future travels now and wondering if I should get vaccinations before I venture to not so sanitary places of the world. I started doing a little research. The more I read, the less sure I was about vaccinations. After seeing more and more information like the video above, I think I probably won’t be vaccinated again.

I think the sad part is that it all comes down to money again. If these medical companies stand to loose billions of dollars in revenues each year, they will keep wanting to pump you full of something. And if you get sick from it, oh well, you’ll just have to pay a little (or a lot) more. If you want to learn more, or see the source of this video, go here:



BumpTop Desktop Environment

I saw this somewhere recently looking for programming API’s. I thought it looked pretty interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see interfaces more like this on Apple and Windows operating systems soon. If you want to get more information on this, go here: BumpTop



Regional Information Control

All I can say is: “Fuck this shit”. I’m sure soon we’ll have to pay for access to information even more than we do now. What an upside down, messed up world we live in.

Regional Information Control
I get this more and more visiting certain websites while living here in Korea.



Seogwipo Food Favorites

Yummy food!
Yummy, yummy for my tummy.

Sadly, I can’t remember the name of this restaurant in Korean. However, this is one of our favorite places to go. The place inside is nicely styled and they have handmade earthenware which they serve the wonderful food on. The sides are always delicious and fresh and they take the time to be sure the sides compliment and round out the flavors of the meal. Not many places I know do that! I think overall, this is our favorite place on the island so far. Mmmmm… I’m hungry now.