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2009 January



Hiking the Orimok Trail on Mt. Halla

This past weekend I finally got my wish to hike Mt. Halla right after a big snow. It had snowed for a few days in Seogwipo and so I thought the mountain would be more pristine. It was also the Lunar New Year here so not many people were out at the mountain which was great for us.



New Blog Release: WordPress 2.7, Futurosity Aperio, Super Cache

So I finally finished most tweaks to my new blog and decided it was time to release it. I based the new blog look on Futurosity Aperio Prototype WordPress theme. I used most of the design structure but tweaked the overall look and feel to match my site. I had to adjust some of the structure to fit my template as well.

At the same time I upgraded to the new WordPress 2.7 version which is working really well. The back-end admin is really slick now and much easier to use. I like the CSS3 stuff in there.

I also installed the super-cache plugin so the site now generates static pages instead of hitting the server, constantly generating PHP files. Hopefully it will help speed up page loads and ease caching in search engines.