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2009 March



PhotoSynth of Seogwipo

Here is my first attempt at using PhotoSynth. I went to an overlook point yesterday and took a LOT of pictures with the 80-400mm lens. It was soooo windy and cold! I picked the wrong day to try this. I then just ran a batch process on them to convert to JPG and then uploaded them on the PhotoSynth site. It took many hours to chug through them and then finally it was finished. Not a bad outcome considering I just hand held the lens and shot just rough approximations for everything. I had more images, but the first upload I tried gave an error, seems I had too many images.

This won’t work on a mac however! You need to use IE or Firefox on a PC right now. I seriously hope they are working on a cross platform solution soon. Oh, and make sure you click the little box in the bottom right corner to go “full screen” when viewing!



The Crisis of Credit Visualized

My friend sent me this link after seeing the last post “The Story of Stuff”. This is the best clear and easy to understand explanation of the current economic crisis that I’ve seen. Short, extremely informative and easy to understand. Check it out and pass it along!

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.



Dinner with the Teachers

I just wanted to post this photo of a dinner I had with some co workers shortly before I left I Kids’ Park. We were at a Japanese place I’d been a couple times before. They serve raw fish and some other sides before dinner. I had raw fish and rice all mixed up with a spicy pepper sauce and vegetables. Yummy! From top left going clockwise we have teacher Eunhee, teacher Matt, teacher Ella and teacher Nancy.

teacher dinner

teacher dinner



The Story of Stuff – You MUST See This!

A really great overview video condensed into a quick presentation. You really MUST watch this video and pass it along. You can learn more and pass it around by going to The Story of Stuff website.



Photosynth Demo. Amazing

Nancy’s brother Inbo just told me about this video he saw on the TED website. It’s really an amazing technology and demonstrates clearly (to me anyway) the path ahead. I think technology is growing exponentially and there is about to be a rebirth in how all of us see the world and our places in it.



Cool Extreme Sports Science

I found this cool video on mountain climbing that documents the trip but also explains some of the science involved. I did a search and it turns out that there were other episodes as well. I’ve included most of them in this post. They are all really good if you like this kind of stuff. Check it out!

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 4: The Science of Mountaineering</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 1: The Science of Diving</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 3: The Science of Mountain Biking</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 2: The Science of Free Flight</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 6: The Science of Surfing</a>