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atlanta dogwood festival

dogwood tree in bloom - spring is here!

today we went to the dogwood festival at piedmont park in downtown atlanta. it’s atlanta’s large central-style park and the walkways were lined with art booths for the festival. the weather was beautiful, sunny with a cool breeze in the shade. it did get a bit hot for me at midday though, i guess i’m still used to the coastal weather. i found an abstract painter that i really liked and invited her via email to show on the inflow site, we’ll see what happens.

view of downtown atlanta from piedmont park

atlanta is a very clean city and the buildings seem very new and modern. it has a nice feel but i must say i’m not very fond of cities anymore. too many cars, too many people, just too much of everything. i consider myself lucky when the trees outnumber people these days. when i’m in a nature type setting i notice that my heart rate drops considerably and i start to think good thoughts again. 🙂 i love cities for denizen diversity and cultural interests like art galleries and such, but i find i need these types of stimulation less these days. i’d rather be doing my own thing, making art or taking pictures, preferably outside somewhere.

nancy and kyle on the slide

we all went to a little playground while at the festival. i really loved the style of the slides and swings, etc. they were really stylish with a modern art feel and bold colors. the first time nancy went down the slide with kyle she went so fast she landed on her knees and had to struggle to not fall all the way over and squash him like a pancake.

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