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atlanta workspace

atlanta workspace

i started this blog off by documenting my workspace in monterey california. i thought it would be fun to document each workspace as i start to move around from place to place. we have one more week in atlanta, so i figured i’d snap a shot before it’s too late. packing and preparations begin today. i love the belly dancing video caught in the picture above. nancy has been learning belly dance using these videos almost daily. i’m not complaining. 🙂

“working” in atlanta

i arranged another tea ceremony for tomorrow night. jiyeon will be going along as well. hopefully i can get some better video this time. i’m a bit worried about shooting at night though with only indoor lighting. i’ll just have to do my best. yeonji leaves on wednesday for NY for a week and then will be off to korea the week after. i’m hoping we can meet up with her after we arrive in the fall. i’d love to see her sisters fancy tea house in Gyeongju.

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