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Building Sound Research Experiment  300x195 Building Sound Research Experiment

Building Sound is a project instigated by Ella Finer and Fabrizio Manco, PhD candidates at Roehampton University, London.

Building Sound is an on-going research experiment in ways to describe and articulate experiences of sound making and reception within theatre, theory and practice.

As both doctoral studies are concerned with an interrogation of sound within theatrical space, the aim of building sound is to provide thinkers and practitioners an opportunity to offer their own ideas from their respective practices about sound within an actual and a virtual space.

These sites in which voices will interweave with their own particular social and cultural definitions of aurality will it is hoped create an open forum in which ideas can complement, collide and construct.

As well as hosting information about the project and storing archival sound from the symposium, the form of this website itself is the result of an attempt to question how to build a website beyond text.

Both the symposium and website are investigations into interdisciplinary dialogues about working with sound.

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