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Hiking the Orimok Trail on Mt. Halla

This past weekend I finally got my wish to hike Mt. Halla right after a big snow. It had snowed for a few days in Seogwipo and so I thought the mountain would be more pristine. It was also the Lunar New Year here so not many people were out at the mountain which was great for us.



The Next Level

So I’ve been running the new four mile loop and it’s just not giving me enough pain. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m going to start an extended loop incorporating some of the first loop I did. The total distance will be right around six miles now. I’m aiming for doing it at least twice a week, that will still put me at about twelve miles a week. If I feel ambitious I can put in an extra day and bump up the distance to eighteen miles per week.

Now I have to start focusing on food and try to eliminate a lot of breads and replace them with fruits and vegetables. That’s going to be hard for me, but I’m also going to try and incorporate some yoga on off days to help stretch me out and loosen all the knots. I think the sauna idea is sounding better and better these days. We’ll see how far I get on all these goals. The good thing is that I’m feeling better and better and starting to really look forward to the next day of running.

Here’s a picture of the new six mile route:

The new six mile jogging route here in Seogwipo



The New Jogging Path

So we’ve upped the ante a little, a very little. 😉 We’re now jogging about 4 miles and have added 1 hill with significant elevation. It’s all becoming easier and I’m actually starting to enjoy running again. We’re trying to aim for at least 3 times a week. We’ve already run Tuesday and Wednesday this week and we’re going to take a rest tomorrow. On Friday early we’re going to climb Halla-san with some fellow teachers. I’m going to lug my camera along and hopefully get some pics. The peak is visibly snow covered from our apartment view so I’m expecting cold wind and maybe some ice. I’m actually looking forward to a little punishment… hee hee. My triathlon friend Travis and I were discussing the satisfaction in pain the other day. I’m sure he understands it on a whole different level, but I can project myself there. When I was mountain biking pretty hardcore I really savored the suffering. It feels good to be getting back into a rhythm and feeling some pain again! You certainly know you’re alive and in the moment!

The new jogging path




Jogging route
The current jogging route.

So I’ve been jogging again. I’ve been trying to do the above jogging loop at least a few times per week. It’s about 3.25 miles. This weekend I did that loop twice and also included a jog to the beach. The beach jog is 2 miles and then I went snorkeling for an hour and then jogged back. I got down to 25 ft without a weight belt which was cool. I figure I did around 10 miles this weekend plus a swim. Not bad in my book! I just hope I can keep up with this and work my flabby belly back into shape.