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The Story of Stuff – You MUST See This!

A really great overview video condensed into a quick presentation. You really MUST watch this video and pass it along. You can learn more and pass it around by going to The Story of Stuff website.



The Next Level

So I’ve been running the new four mile loop and it’s just not giving me enough pain. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m going to start an extended loop incorporating some of the first loop I did. The total distance will be right around six miles now. I’m aiming for doing it at least twice a week, that will still put me at about twelve miles a week. If I feel ambitious I can put in an extra day and bump up the distance to eighteen miles per week.

Now I have to start focusing on food and try to eliminate a lot of breads and replace them with fruits and vegetables. That’s going to be hard for me, but I’m also going to try and incorporate some yoga on off days to help stretch me out and loosen all the knots. I think the sauna idea is sounding better and better these days. We’ll see how far I get on all these goals. The good thing is that I’m feeling better and better and starting to really look forward to the next day of running.

Here’s a picture of the new six mile route:

The new six mile jogging route here in Seogwipo



The New Jogging Path

So we’ve upped the ante a little, a very little. 😉 We’re now jogging about 4 miles and have added 1 hill with significant elevation. It’s all becoming easier and I’m actually starting to enjoy running again. We’re trying to aim for at least 3 times a week. We’ve already run Tuesday and Wednesday this week and we’re going to take a rest tomorrow. On Friday early we’re going to climb Halla-san with some fellow teachers. I’m going to lug my camera along and hopefully get some pics. The peak is visibly snow covered from our apartment view so I’m expecting cold wind and maybe some ice. I’m actually looking forward to a little punishment… hee hee. My triathlon friend Travis and I were discussing the satisfaction in pain the other day. I’m sure he understands it on a whole different level, but I can project myself there. When I was mountain biking pretty hardcore I really savored the suffering. It feels good to be getting back into a rhythm and feeling some pain again! You certainly know you’re alive and in the moment!

The new jogging path



Vaccine Nation

Vaccine Nation I contemplated getting vaccinations before coming to Korea. Some people said you must get some, others said they have travelled here before and you didn’t need to get any. I decided not to, probably a big part of it being I didn’t have health insurance at the time and no doctors in the states really wanted to deal with a one time, no insurance patient.

So I’m planning some future travels now and wondering if I should get vaccinations before I venture to not so sanitary places of the world. I started doing a little research. The more I read, the less sure I was about vaccinations. After seeing more and more information like the video above, I think I probably won’t be vaccinated again.

I think the sad part is that it all comes down to money again. If these medical companies stand to loose billions of dollars in revenues each year, they will keep wanting to pump you full of something. And if you get sick from it, oh well, you’ll just have to pay a little (or a lot) more. If you want to learn more, or see the source of this video, go here: