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Summer Vacation

The ferry ride to Udo
This is a view of eastern Jeju-do from the ferry ride over to Udo.
View from our hotel on Udo
I shot this off the balcony of our hotel. You can see the many oreums of eastern Jeju-do in the distance.

I just wanted to write a quick post about our summer vacation. We had 5 days off recently and we decided to travel to the east side of the island. We first went way out into the middle of nowhere to this oreum. There was supposed to be a traditional Korean shaman ceremony going on, but we ended up getting there too late and missed the whole thing! Nancy and I decided to look around a bit before heading off. Once we finished looking around we came down into this very small village and the next bus was going to come in over an hour. So we started to hitch hike and actually got a ride! The guy was soo cool. He took us directly to our destination absolutely free! Where he dropped us off was on the eastern most part of the island at the ferry terminal. We took a ferry over to Udo island. Udo is a very small island that sits right near sunrise peak. When we landed we rented some bicycles and rode around the island. The trouble is both of us dummies forgot to bring long sleeve shirts and the sun absolutely destroyed my poor arms. I did have a nice jungle hat to protect my head though. Anyway, we rode the whole circumference of the island and picked a hotel to stay at. We went swimming on a nice white sand beach and went out that night for some dinner at a local place where we sat out on the dunes and ate. We spent most of our off time back in Seogwipo just hanging out and snorkeling a lot. It was hard to go back to the grind yesterday after time off!



Merry Christmas!

Hello all,

Merry Christmas! Well, that is if you celebrate that sort of thing. So many things have been happing, hence the lack of time spent writing in this blog. 🙂 I’ve been interviewing with hagwon’s on Jeju-do and making connections with those living on the island. Things are progressing and the job market there is picking up again. We’ll be heading into the busier season as the new year progresses.

I’ve been a development machine lately. I’ve written a TON of new features into the gallery software. But that’s for a later post! I will say that I’ve integrated a weather service feed into the administration end of the website. It’s led me to be obsessed with weather. Not so much like knowing exactly what it is at every moment, but the general trends and patterns and how it relates to emotions and mental states. I find it extremely interesting.

I’ve also been looking at some Albrecht Durer engravings that I downloaded oh so long ago and never took a look at. I started thinking about early astronomers, alchemists, astrologers and the like. Made me wonder about what some of those amazing minds would have done with the kind of information we have access to these days. I also started to think that most likely they would be distracted by everything in modern life like we all are, and would never do much at all! haha.

Anyway, I’ve been really into dashboard widgets that feature weather animations or things relating to the stars, or planets in the solar system. I love this one that feeds you daily composites of the sun. I thought it fit in well with a Durer woodprint. So here they are:

The Sun 12/24/07
Albrecht Durer Print

I’m going to start posting more social and political observations next year. I’ve been reading and studying quite a bit and feel I need to start talking about it. I’ve always been impatient, and I still am. But I’m starting to realize that change comes slowly and over time. It’s hard to reset your habits and patterns of thinking. We humans need repetition to learn, and unfortunately, it only gets worse as we get older. Consequently, that is one of my major fears in this life… Loosing my ability to exercise my mind in a clear way. Anyway, where I’m trying to take this is in a direction of questioning my own patterns and actions, as well as those around me, and then finally extending it out and analyzing societal patterns as a form of mass consciousness. I think Korea is going to help a lot with the later because I’ll be able to observe another society, their media, etc. I’ll also be able to analyze my own patterns and thoughts and actions because I will be removed from every “norm” that I have come to accept here as a white American.

In addition to social analysis, I hope to really present more detailed information on the environment and our relationship with nature and resources, etc. There is a lot of interactions and crossovers, so I hope it won’t just come out all jumbled. But that’s one of the major plans for the new year. I hope to also start documenting everything in photos more as a way to animate and illustrate these ideas. So stay tuned!

I wish all of you out there the best this holiday season, see you on the flip side!