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Photosynth Demo. Amazing

Nancy’s brother Inbo just told me about this video he saw on the TED website. It’s really an amazing technology and demonstrates clearly (to me anyway) the path ahead. I think technology is growing exponentially and there is about to be a rebirth in how all of us see the world and our places in it.



Cool Extreme Sports Science

I found this cool video on mountain climbing that documents the trip but also explains some of the science involved. I did a search and it turns out that there were other episodes as well. I’ve included most of them in this post. They are all really good if you like this kind of stuff. Check it out!

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 4: The Science of Mountaineering</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 1: The Science of Diving</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 3: The Science of Mountain Biking</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 2: The Science of Free Flight</a>

<a href="">X-Force &#8211; Episode 6: The Science of Surfing</a>



Our Apartment

I wanted to quickly post another quick image of our apartment. I posted this one because you can see Mt. Halla in the background. Most places you go on the island you can see the mountain peak. Since it’s been raining here a little, it really snows on the mountain. The days have been crisp and cold, the leaves are all changing and falling and Mt. Halla has been clean and clear and white capped.

Our apartment in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea with Halla-san in the background.



Photography and the Five Day Market

On the way to the market along our jogging path. Looking back towards our house in the distance. Some of the first tangerine harvests. A tangerine field along our jogging path. Nancy posing next to a stone wall and tangerine field. Tangerine field near the Five Day Market with palm trees. Some silver hairtail fish at the Five Day Market in Seogwipo.

So I went out on my bicycle this weekend and snapped some more pics of tangerine farms nearby. Some of the pics are along our jogging path along the way to the Five Day Market. It’s a giant market that happens every five days here in Seogwipo. They have everything from clothes to gardening supplies to any kind of food you can think of getting. I only have one shot here because I got distracted with shopping and ended up buying a traditional Korean winter clothing set. I’m still trying to figure out what the name for it is in Korean. Anyway, it’s super nice and warm and I’m actually not dreading the winter coming now. I’ll have to take some pics of me in my new duds and post them soon.



Rainy Days and Tangerines

Our apartment in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea A neighbor’s backyard.

Yesterday it rained for a long time. We still went jogging anyway. It was refreshing feeling the rain and all the colors were so saturated. I decided to go out and snap a few pics afterwards. I realized I never posted a pic of our apartment/house, that’s the first picture above. We live downstairs in a basement unit. It has plenty of space but we had to get a dehumidifier to control the dampness. As you can see, we live in the country! It’s hard to believe a 5 minute walk brings you into a major city. So I guess we really live just on the outskirts of the city. But you can see how rapidly it changes from city to country here. Farming is the main industry on the island (at least that’s what I think… ;-)). The tangerines are starting to get ripe and the landscape is turning orange. I saw some farmers already doing a first harvest. The roads are incredibly narrow here and it’s fun to take adventures down small winding roads lined with rocks walls and see where you end up. You just might find our place someday.

The second picture is of a neighbor’s orchard. Their house was just to the right of this picture, so this is their backyard really. Many of the houses here have these big gates and the entire property is usually lined with tall, unreinforced, rock walls built with volcanic stones. There are so many of these walls everywhere that it actually starts to look like a maze sometimes.

After I snapped these photos we went over to the only rock climbing/mountaineering store I know of here and Nancy picked up a new set of boots. Then we went downtown and ended up shopping for clothes all day. I bought a new blue sweater, a green shirt and a brown puffy vest that will fit over my coat on a really cold day. All in all, it was a fun day out!



Regional Information Control

All I can say is: “Fuck this shit”. I’m sure soon we’ll have to pay for access to information even more than we do now. What an upside down, messed up world we live in.

Regional Information Control
I get this more and more visiting certain websites while living here in Korea.



The Alphabet

So I just posted an old Sesame Street number animation and thought I’d balance it out with an alphabet animation. This sorta works from the darkness and light aspect as well. I think I might show this to my really terrible students… hahaha… Do you think they would remember the alphabet? Or just have nightmares about it? hahaha.



Blast from the Past

I remember loving this song and animation when I was little watching Sesame Street. I’m not sure why this crossed my mind today, but I did a little searching, and BLAM! Here it is for your viewing enjoyment.



MUTO a tag art animation by blu

So I got a message from Erica Cho the other day and decided I should go an check out her site. I found this really cool tag art animation she posted. I just had to repost it on mine. I don’t mean to be a copy cat, but hey, if it’s good, it’s good, ya know? Thanks for finding this wherever you did Erica! If you want to check out Erica’s site, go here



Cool Video

Check out this video I found on Yahoo Korea. This guy is pretty nuts but I must admit I would have to try the same thing if given the chance. This is Caminito Del Rey in El Chorro, Spain.