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Yohkoh Solar Observatory

I found some great time lapse images of the sun. I’m sure this is boring stuff for most people but it really blows me away. It makes me realize how connected we all are to EVERYTHING. It also makes me question so many of the everyday “norms” that I accept. Now that I’m an educator of children I think a lot more about what is important for these kids to learn. Anyway, I found the images at the Yohkoh Solar Observatory. Check it out sometime.



Phoenix Mars Mission

Phoenix Lander
A picture of the Phoenix Lander.

Well, a new mars mission is underway at the moment. The Phoenix Lander is about to start digging for water. They are curious to study the water on Mars and look for life bearing building blocks. The lander is also a mini weather station and will be collecting weather data. You can find out more here: Phoenix Mars Mission