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cute pomeranian

mako aka: grandfather

inbo’s friend had to go to vegas for a week, so we all became dog sitters. the cute little pomeranian named mako is 12 years old, so about 80 for us humans. we all called him “grandfather” in korean, 할아버지. since his owner is korean, my english commands had little affect on him, he would just sit and tilt his head to the side attentively with his ears perked up, as if to say “what you talkin’ about willis?”. all i got down pat was how to say “pee” in korean, 오줌, and that usually did the trick, except one time he just started peeing right after i said the word, not so good for the carpet. so i usually refrained until he was outside or near the door.

mako aka: 할아버지

he just had a hair cut, so his fur was really short. most pomeranians look like little puff balls, he looked a bit strange, sorta like and overweight dwarf fox. he was on an agressive diet to help him with the weight problem, but he was still pudgy and bow-legged. my other nicknames for him were “sausage link” or “bratwurst boy”. at any rate, i loved my week with the little fat fox and just adore him. i had to snap some pics and post so i wouldn’t forget his kind face.

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