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korea: here we come!

jeju do, south korea

it’s been decided for a while now, but for those of you who don’t know, nancy and i will be moving to korea in the fall for at least a year! we are very excited about our future travels and adventure. here’s the plan: we will visit family up north in both philadelphia and pittsburgh starting at the end of this month. then we will head south to my brother’s house in annapolis maryland. we will stay there and commute to the heart of washington dc for a one month intensive english teaching school. we will both get TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certifications. we’ll be finished in mid july. after that we’ll be heading out to korea in late summer or early fall for at least one year.

jeju-do diving

i’ve been researching different locations in korea for a few weeks. criteria include excellent diving, small city/town living (but not too rural), good places to photograph, and easy travel to other parts of asia. after talking to a lot of jiyeon’s friends and reading a lot of web info, it seems that jeju-do is on top of the list, at least for now anyway. the picture up above marks jeju with a green marker. it’s the farthest point south in korea and the largest island in the country. taiwan and china lie to the south and west and japan is a stone throw to the east. the picture above and the others below are images i scraped off the web quickly. it’s looks beautiful and i’ve spotted many teaching jobs there already. but there is much research left to be done!

jeju temple
view of east jeju

after our time in korea we are planning on travelling asia a bit. we’re going to start out in bhutan and make our way over to nepal. we’re planning on doing everest base camp. that’s why i’ve been running and trying to get in shape. it’s going to kick my ass. 🙂

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