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More TEFL Tales

working on our lesson plan at TJ’s apartment in Washington DC

This is a picture of Nancy and I at TJ’s apartment in Washington DC. It was taken mid-week. We were all working on our lesson plans for the next day of teaching. We look happy, but we were all VERY tired! hahaha… We ended up staying up until like 1-2 am working. The class the next day did go very well though, so i guess it was worth it.

This is actually TJ’s brother’s apartment, but he’s leaving as of today, saturday, i think. he’s moving to jordan for his job and he was very excited. i think TJ will end up in the middle east or possibly in korea, he’s not sure yet. TJ didn’t show for class this Friday because his brother was leaving… We will all have to punish him somehow for getting a three day weekend! lucky dog!

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