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oh my god | Sam Van Aken

This installation done by Sam Van Aken in 2006 was essentially realized through the stacking and attaching of home stereo speakers. The speakers combined into a wall that played a random sampling of the quote “oh my God” which spanned an emotional spectrum from horror to sarcasm to sheer ecstasy. Through the use of a computer program designed by the artist and a seemingly infinite amount of speaker wire and extension cord, the quote was looped to individual speakers increasing one at a time until the entire wall screamed “oh my God” in a variety of tones and contexts at the same time. Remarkably, the range of human emotions the artist captured using only this singular quote was reflected through the viewers’ laughter, disgust, tears, etc.

Sam Van Aken is represented in New York by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts and Michael Klein Arts.

Sam Van Aken’s site

OMG Monitor Detail 2 oh my god | Sam Van Aken

OMG Install Back View 1 oh my god | Sam Van Aken

OMG Install Side Front View 1 oh my god | Sam Van Aken

oh my god by sam van aken oh my god | Sam Van Aken

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