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old norcross

old norcross downtown street

yesterday we took a little field trip and went out to a coffee shop for a bit. we found a place that had organic, fair trade coffee online. the shop was in old norcross and a quick 5-10min drive from inbo’s house. i snapped the above picture of one of the streets in old norcross. it’s a quaint little town that has some historic charm left. surrounded by miles of suburban homes in all directions, the town and the surrounding homes seem to have kept a bit of a country charm.

freight train in old norcross

the old railway station was converted into a restaurant. the railway is still there and now speeding trains loaded with cargo containers zoom by frequently. i’ve been hearing the low deep sound of train whistles at night when going to sleep. i really love it. it’s so comforting somehow, the long drone of the whistle deepened and mysterious with distance and time. somehow it feels dreamy and luscious, along with the muted click-clack of wheels on rails. the repetition and the fading sound of the whistle bring about a notion of travel in my mind and i slip away to sleep dreaming of adventure.

seeing the trains about 50 feet away is a different experience altogether. there is a violence in the speed at which these massive objects are propelled forward toward their destinations. the whistle is now an ominous warning, the click-clack of the wheels more like a continual pounding and the shrills from the train connections sound like arthritic shrieks. it’s interesting how proximity can change your impressions of things so drastically. it makes me think deeper, and about the balance of all things. most things have a dual nature, and i think that’s what makes them more interesting. day to day i find myself trying to raise my awareness, to be able to see the connections and relationships of things on a higher level. to let go of my judgements and preconceptions and see the greater dance. it’s not always easy though, and the feeling of expanded awareness swells and shrinks, by the minute it seems!

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