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running fool

ok, i’ve been running again. not everyday, but usually every other day. i’ve been using this nice treadmill at inbo’s house. it let’s you combine different elevations and speeds. i started out doing around 2.5 miles combined with steep elevations. recently i’ve gotten up to around 4-5 miles with elevation. my last jog was 6 miles with no elevation. it’s been feeling really good. usually the first mile or two hurt and i start to wonder if i should continue but then i fall into a groove and it seems like very little effort to complete another few miles. i love that. 🙂 i’m trying to build up and get in really good shape. we’re planning on doing everest base camp within this year or the next. when i think about that kind of elevation, and a pack on my back to boot, it makes me feel like a real looser complaining about running a couple of miles! hahaha. so i’ll just have to suck it up.

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