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    Beginning MaxMSP + Jitter
    + Fundamentals of MaxMSP programming
    + Using MaxMSP for sound + image + video
    + Creative projects focused on artists + designers

    Foundation: Exploring Digital Arts
    + Audio + Video + Sound
    + Physical Computing + Arduino
    + MaxMSP + Processing

    Physical Computing
    + Fundamentals of Physical Computing
    + Fundamental Arduino + Programming for microcontrollers
    + Creative projects using sensors + micro-controllers + interaction

    Web Design + Development
    + Fundamentals of HTML + CSS + programming
    + Fundamentals of managing a project
    + Creative projects creating student portfolio sites

    Generative Art + Processing
    + Fundamentals of programming for artists + designers
    + Fundamentals of Generative Art algorithms
    + Creative projects as still images, animations or installations

    Audio Production
    + Fundamentals of recording + associated gear
    + Fundamentals of Logic Pro and audio production
    + Creative sound projects and exploration of sound as a medium

    Digital Photography
    + Fundamentals of photography: analog + digital
    + Fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop
    + Creative projects focused on creation, manipulation and printing

    Digital Video
    + Fundamentals of the moving image analog + digital
    + Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro + Compressor
    + Creative projects focused on creation, manipulation and output formats


    Exploring Digital Arts Website

    art & art history

    I create a website for each course that serves as a nexus for student collaboration and archive for future reference.

  • VIDEO PROJECT BRIEF  >  project brief


  • AUDIO PROJECT BRIEF  >  project brief


  • CURRICULUM VITAE  >  download A4 size curriculum vitaedownload letter size curriculum vitae