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    Beginning MaxMSP + Jitter
    + Fundamentals of MaxMSP programming
    + Using MaxMSP for sound + image + video
    + Creative projects focused on artists + designers

    Foundation: Exploring Digital Arts
    + Audio + Video + Sound
    + Physical Computing + Arduino
    + MaxMSP + Processing

    Physical Computing
    + Fundamentals of Physical Computing
    + Fundamental Arduino + Programming for microcontrollers
    + Creative projects using sensors + micro-controllers + interaction

    Web Design + Development
    + Fundamentals of HTML + CSS + programming
    + Fundamentals of managing a project
    + Creative projects creating student portfolio sites

    Generative Art + Processing
    + Fundamentals of programming for artists + designers
    + Fundamentals of Generative Art algorithms
    + Creative projects as still images, animations or installations

    Audio Production
    + Fundamentals of recording + associated gear
    + Fundamentals of Logic Pro and audio production
    + Creative sound projects and exploration of sound as a medium

    Digital Photography
    + Fundamentals of photography: analog + digital
    + Fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop
    + Creative projects focused on creation, manipulation and printing

    Digital Video
    + Fundamentals of the moving image analog + digital
    + Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro + Compressor
    + Creative projects focused on creation, manipulation and output formats


    Exploring Digital Arts Website

    art & art history

    I create a website for each course that serves as a nexus for student collaboration and archive for future reference.

  • VIDEO PROJECT BRIEF  >  project brief


    Gina Croteau
    Patrice Bryant
    Alyssa Najm
    Brandon Campbell
    Luis Alfonzo
    Celine St Pierre
    Emily Lavins
    Emily Campbell
    David Chen
    Mallory Matula
    Rebecca Uliasz
    Alexxis Letizia
    Angelica Messana
    Michelle Penney
    Jason Reider
    Xiling Yan

  • AUDIO PROJECT BRIEF  >  project brief


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