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Thanksgiving Follow-up

I finally looked at some of the pictures from Thanksgiving. I thought I’d throw some up here for your enjoyment.

This was Thanksgiving day at my parent’s house:

Thanksgiving 2007 at the Cool’s

Olivia and Tess of course. These two kept us quite busy during our stay! I enjoyed our little hike with the dog as well.

Olivia Cool

Tess Cool

We also took a day trip to Pittsburgh as well. This is a quick shot I snapped from Mount Washington. It was too cold to stay out of the car any longer! All my winter clothes are still in Georgia! It’s a special kind of torture I’ve created for myself.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

OK, so I hope you enjoyed the pics. Here is a quick snapshot of the last two days for me:

-Show Nancy’s parent’s house to prospective buyers.
-Read countless blogs and sites and forums about teaching in Indonesia and Korea.
-Work on web client projects.
-Checking out Miro video player. You should do the same!
-Studying Ruby and deciding if I should tackle learning this for development projects instead of continuing with PHP. Object Oriented Programming is still new to me, so it may be a good time to switch. I’m also considering Ruby on Rails as the implementation of choice for my gallery software.
-Trying to remember to update this blog!
-And of course, drinking prodigious amounts of coffee!!! 🙂 mmmm… coffee…

Cheers and good night.

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