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  • “Hardness and strength are death’s companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being.” – Andrei Tarkovsky

    My current work exists at an intersection between digital technology and metaphysical exploration. This meeting promotes a transmutation of form and mind geared at variations in perception through electronic means. I use various computer hardware, software programming, hand built microcontrollers, lighting, sound equipment and other devices to explore the ego, spiritual awakening and both conscious and unconscious interactions between individuals and groups.

    C. G. Jung, Dzongsar Jamyan Khyentse Rinpoche, Scott Snibbe, Tim Hawkinson, Bill Viola and David Hykes have informed the work, among many others. A retreat at the Esalen institute this past winter with David Hykes led to collaboration on the piece “ether bardo”. Hykes provided an audio track coupled with a sound visualization that is incorporated into the piece. Melding sonic experience with visual forms is vital to this work, as is a sense of collaborative connection. I create so viewers can find themselves in the “gap”, a place between sensations and rationalized perceptions, where they might find access to greater possibilities.


  • gandolf

    I grew up in a small coal mining town in western Pennsylvania. My parents bought an old farm house built in 1808. Since it was more country living, I spent most of my time outside and in the trees, creeks and fields. I seemed to always have a dog around, so they were usually my exploration companions.

    Early on my interests in school were focused on art. I loved the freedom of art class and never had a problem letting my mind wander. In the fifth grade our little school got it’s first computer, the Tandy TRS-80 Model 4 and I was hooked.

    In high school I worked in the library and had access to all the latest computers. The library was the place where the most horsepower was needed to catalog all the books. So I helped in the conversion and got to see what they could do. I was also recruited to help with this new language class involving computers called tele-teaching. We had french lessons taught through a computer screen projected on a wall and a teacher miles away speaking to us on a two-way audio link.

    So I entered college at Penn State University for computer engineering, and that lasted about one semester. The program was so restrictive and narrow in view. It was basically boot camp for learning the skills to go work in some office job, locked away without light, for the rest of your life. At least that’s how it felt to me. I was taking a photography class that semester as well, and everything about that class felt good to me. The professor was crazy and fun, The artists didn’t wear pocket protectors, and I loved the free flow creative aspects mixed with the technical details of photography. I had always held on to my love of art, but for the first time I started to consider it as a career path, of sorts.

    I was beginning to see the light. After talking to some excellent advisors I ended up entering a new program the school was offering, Integrative Arts. I basically had to design my own curriculum and then present it to this board of professors, they grilled me about some details, and then my degree path was approved. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to speak with professors and float around between different programs in a way, picking and choosing suited to my interests. I studied mostly photography, but book arts and some printmaking as well. It was truely a way to study in an interdisciplinary way.

    My love of computers never faded during my college studies. I roomed with an honors student and that was the only dorm on campus at the time that had ethernet access so I was in heaven. After college my partner Nancy and I made the move to San Francisco where I got involved in the boom. It was fun while it lasted. I managed to blend in and pick up a lot more technology skills and worked in the IT field. I continued to take photographs and make art, but at a slower pace. Slowly my computer interests merged with my art interests and I got into web development.

    I took a job at an underwater photography company and learned to shoot underwater. The diving crowd had a lot of involvement with environmental groups and so I was exposed to new ideas. I began to study the environment, food production and politics. It was an intense time of growth, in creating images, learning and spiritual awareness. The more I learned, the more I craved a different perspective. I needed to travel.

    I moved to South Korea and taught children English on a very small island called Jeju. It was my first taste of travel abroad, and I realized how life could be led differently. After Korea, I moved to Bhutan and volunteered at an environmental and forestry institute. I tied together my academic and political studies with my creative work and love of travel.

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    Educational IT + Artist + Technologist     August 2013 – Present
    THE ROYAL ACADEMY – Thimphu, Bhutan –
    + Initiate, design and develop Bhutan’s first Fab Lab
    + Design and develop general classroom technologies as well as those focused on creative arts
    + Design and implement websites using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
    + Develop creative digital arts classes utilizing generative programming, physical computing and multimedia programming such as MaxMSP

    Artist + Technologist     January 2004 – Present
    DAVIDCOOL.COM – Monterey, CA –
    + Engage projects centered on creative clients
    + Design and implement websites using Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
    + Explore generative art programming, interactive installation and public exhibition venues
    + Focus on Arduino, Processing and interaction design

    Instructor     August 2011 – June 2012
    + Co-Designed and implemented the first Physical Computing class
    + Co-designed and implemented the first Digital Media Minor class
    + Initiated and developed new Digital Media Minor curriculum

    Web Developer     August 2010 – June 2011
    + Co-conceptualize, designed and developed the new art school web portal
    + Implemented a custom CMS system integrating WordPress, ZenPhoto and Google calendar
    + Created website video training tutorials for faculty, staff and students

    Technologist + Instructor     April 2009 – July 2009
    + Designed and developed networking infrastructure
    + Designed and implemented website using Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
    + Taught photography, blogging and basic computer instruction
    + Coordinated and met government officials for infrastructure development

    Systems Engineer + Web Developer     September 2002 – March 2007
    + Created and maintained retail shopping website using Lasso, PHP, HTML and MySQL
    + Designed and managed Mac and PC network including all backup systems
    + Managed website sales process and create custom Filemaker CRM
    + Instructed clients in underwater photography and video

    Deskside Support Manager     May 1999 – December 2001
    JP MORGAN CHASE & CO. – San Francisco, CA –
    + Managed all desktop computer operations consisting of 1000+ investment banking clients
    + Planned, implemented and supported technology needs for North American branch offices
    + Oversaw twenty level 2 technical support analysts in three locations
    + Led project management for specific business driven technology implementations

    Trainer + Deskside Support Lead     Jan 1998 – April 1999
    MOVE.COM – San Francisco, CA –
    + Led technical support initiatives for both networking and telecommunications
    + Trained new technical support staff
    + Held classes for new employees on use of technology
    + Supported technology needs of over 200+ users


    MFA Installation/Interaction Design     2010 – 2012

    Unix System Administration     2004

    Information Technology Program     2000

    BA Integrative Arts     1992 – 1996


    + Mac OS X + Mac OS X Server
    + Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    + Linux + Apache + MySQL

    + HTML 5 + CSS 3
    + PHP + Javascript
    + Unix Shell Scripting
    + Processing + MaxMSP
    + OOP + Procedural

    + Adobe Creative Suite
    + Final Cut Pro + Logic Pro
    + Microsoft Office Suite
    + Remote Desktop
    + Parallels / VMware

    + Extensive hardware knowledge
    + Switch + router configuration
    + Network cabling

    + Digital imaging + video
    + Digital audio production

    + Arduino + microcontrollers
    + Circuit building
    + Rapid prototyping
    + Electronics soldering
    + Fab Lab equipment