“Use art not as self expression, but as self alteration, to become more open.” – John Cage

Currently my creative work is focused on sound. Modular synthesizers provide a source of infinite possibilities. This musical work is related conceptually to my generative art work. The idea of creating structures that are both controlled or shaped and at the same time releasing some of that control to the structure or algorithm.

My teaching interests focus on programming, circuit building and digital fabrication. I am constantly learning new tools and processes (such as laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machining, molding and casting, vinyl cutting, digital embroidery, bio-textiles, etc.) and finding interesting ways to weave these into classes that are both creative and technical.

Sound related projects such as the touch keyboard demonstrate the crossover between my modular work and the world of digital fabrication.

generative harmonograph via processing

generative harmonograph via processing

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