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The video is designed to be played in a gallery via an endless loop with no discernible beginning or end. I’ve exported the video and looped it five times to give the effect.

mc escher encounter

mc escher encounter

This project tapped into my interests in psychology, fractals, puzzles and dreams. I love the work of MC Escher and thought it would be interesting to include encounter(the image above) as a reference for this work. I wanted to explore the idea of the shadow self, multiple versions of reality and the dream within a dream. Escher also included sacred geometrical objects such as different stellations of the dodecahedron in his work. These kinds of geometrical objects and ideas are present in much of my work.

libre novus detail

libre novus detail

CG Jung has also been a continual influence on my work and thinking. Many of the pieces that I make and changes in my life have been based on following synchronicity. I had been reading the liber novus throughout the period when this work was made.

Ingmar Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf

In one way or another, Ingmar Bergman has been a big influence. There is a quality to his work that I find transfixing. Hour of the Wolf was an extremely affecting film for me and I know this sentiment shows up in my work.

Included above is the film’s trailer.

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