This MaxMSP project has been ongoing for a number of years. It was originally conceived as gallery installation sound software to pan audio samples around a room over multiple speaker surround sound systems.

I later added an input section so that live microphones could be used to record gallery viewers and add their voices to the installation. When I started recording music I realized that I could use the inputs for live instruments, the tracks for samples and it became more powerful.

Soon after I realized the need for a mixing section to monitor and control the tracks and inputs, so I created that view as well.

Currently I use this software in conjunction with Abelton Live. I load all the instruments and such in Abelton and then pass it over to this software so I am able to pan it over the speakers of a surround sound system.

I have programmed the software to be able to pan across between 3 and 10 channels of speakers. The true flexibility of the software is adding in generative style automation controls to various aspects of the different controls. The panning can be automated, gains, samples loaded, etc. Many different aspects can be automated with a great deal of control.

After creating the software I use it frequently for music production and also continue to use it for experimental sound installations as well.

Here is a peak into some of the MaxMSP coding.

MaxMSP coding

A look at some of the MaxMSP coding