Under a billion stars was an experimental video collage project based on a poem I wrote. Here’s the original text:

shining glass
sun and the whole damn sky
the weight of whale bone
strung up in the corner of my mind

under the feather-weight motion
of this time under a billion stars
your moist lips whisper drunk
in the commotion of a crowd

the trees all stand witness
moving slowly but never blind
smoke circles the fire
brief embers of our love

after the trees are gone
only rocks will murmur our silent stares
the moon will gasp
oceans will stir

The music for this video is by Squarepusher and the track is called Port Rhombus. You can see full details on the track here: https://www.discogs.com/release/190-Squarepusher-Port-Rhombus-EP